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Level Up - Issue #14

Heading towards the end of the year is peak conference time meaning lots of travel. This week I was f

Level Up

November 17 · Issue #14 · View online
Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

Heading towards the end of the year is peak conference time meaning lots of travel. This week I was fortunate enough to take part in BuildStuff LT, a very wonderful tech conference in Vilnius. Next week I’ll be running a Tech Lead training course at where I’m currently working with one of our biggest groups yet before heading a tech conference in Sweden. It’s great to be able to personally invest in people’s growth. I’ve been able to see the sky-rocket growth of tech lead course participants over time. If you’re interested in a public version, I’ll be running a 1 day edition as a last minute addition to the conference program of the inaugural LeadDev Berlin.
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The 3 Stages of Failure in Life and Work (And How to Fix Them)
The N=1 guide to how to have a 1:1
How to conquer your fear of public speaking once and for all
Programming Languages Personified
The Resilient Architecture Collection
Open Sourcing Mantis: A Platform For Building Cost-Effective, Realtime, Operations-Focused Applications
Laser-Based Audio Injection on Voice-Controllable Systems
Organisation & Processes
Goldman Sachs Probed After Viral Tweet About Apple Card
Q&A on the Book Team Topologies
Interesting tweets
A great reminder of Pfeffer’s Law.
Bob Sutton
Pfeffer's Law: "Instead of being interested in what is new, we ought to be interested in what is true." @JeffreyPfeffer has long been skeptical of scholars and "gurus" who ballyhoo "breakthroughs" as too many are actually old ideas, bad ideas, or both.
What a spectacular leaving email from an early employee and leader at Stripe.
Avi Bryant
A lot of feels today. Taking a deep breath and pressing send.
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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