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Level Up - Issue #15

Thank you for continued feedback on the newsletter. It seems like the content resonates with many of

Level Up

November 24 · Issue #15 · View online
Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

Thank you for continued feedback on the newsletter. It seems like the content resonates with many of you. I have had one or two people mention that while there is good content, they feel overwhelmed by the information. Here is my advice for you - only read the articles that are directly relevant for you right now. Don’t worry about the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). I used to have this worry as well. All leaders cope with a flood of information. Your key is working out what is most important to you right now. That’s not easy but it is a good skill to practice. The art of prioritising is often saying yes to some things now, by saying no, not yet to others.
I hope you enjoy this week’s content. If you find it useful, please forward to someone else and send me feedback.

A Lifetime of Systems Thinking
Frame the Work For Safety and Learning
Starting an Engineering Management Book Club
Decisions, Decisions or Why Baskets of Options Dominate
The Many Upsides of an Employee Leaving
New Algorithm Removes Underwater Distortions for Clear Colorful Pictures
Notes on Building Evolutionary Architectures.
Amazon Introduces Saving Plans for AWS Compute Services
Organisation & Processes
Google is scaling back its weekly all-hands meetings after leaks, CEO tells staff
The Fallacy of needing a technical manager
TSB Board publishes independent review of 2018 IT Migration
How Lyft Designs the Machine Learning Software Engineering Interview
Why is the Migration to Python 3 Taking So Long?
Interesting tweets
This tweet probably caused a lot of panic… but ends in good news 😊
Jean-Michel Lemieux
I have some important personal news.

After ~5 years at Shopify and a lot of learning, friends, and growth I’ve decided to be unconventional and stay for another 5 if management is ok with it. 😂

No better problem to solve & team to solve it with.

#lifer #lifeatshopify ❤️
It was such a pleasure to run another workshop with so many talented people and to help them on their leadership journey. Remember to move from maker to multiplier mode!
I feel really inspired ✨ after 2 days of Tech Lead skills for Developers workshop with @patkua @N26Careers
Click through to see the full picture.
imagine, as a manager, saying out of your entire mouth “i don’t do 1:1’s.”

Ouch… some truth in that!
Aslak Hellesøy
You know why you need an army of manual testers? Because you allowed the programmers to make a lot of mistakes.
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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