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Level Up - Issue #5

I've been using a gardening metaphor to describe one aspect to management in one of my newer talks, "

Level Up

September 14 · Issue #5 · View online
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I’ve been using a gardening metaphor to describe one aspect to management in one of my newer talks, “Cultivating High Performing Teams in Hypergrowth”. Ironically in real life, I’m pretty terrible at keeping plants alive. I like to think I’m better with gardening systems that produce software than I am with plants.
Gardening is a strong metaphor. Directors, C-Levels and other manager of managers will recognise that you sometimes don’t have *real* control that others perceive you have. Good leaders recognise their leverage is in creating the right environment. Call it culture, norms or ways of working. Either way, leaders build this through behaviours you encourage or discourage. Through the perspective of gardening, you can see this as cultivating or weeding out desired/undesired behaviours.
If you’re interested in listening to me talk about this metaphor, InfoQ published a fun podcast we recorded while I was in NYC, titled Technical Leadership, Cultivating Culture, and Career Growth. Thanks to Daniel Bryant for leading the discussion.
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Interesting tweets
This tweet resonates with me very deeply.
Nivia Sedai, Amyrlin Seat
The manager’s paradox: doing your job so well that people start to question the value of managers because everything’s running so smoothly.
Great leaders in today’s age require great facilitation skills. I love how this person identified how they build their facilitation skills.
Mike Lowery
Someone asked me how I got to be a great facilitator. My answer, I have been playing dungeons and dragons as a dungeon master for 37 years. I really think it helped learning how to handle the dreaded "let's split the party" teaches some great skills.
Sound familiar anyone?
Max Schoening
Software development: One of our windows broke. I told my wife that I'd just print the latches myself to save money. The parts are $2 online. I'm in $3000 on this project. No end in sight.
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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