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Level Up - Issue #8

I held a couple of great mentoring sessions this week. One was about helping someone explore steps to

Level Up

October 6 · Issue #8 · View online
Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

I held a couple of great mentoring sessions this week. One was about helping someone explore steps to get into Engineering Management. Another was much earlier in their career, wondering how they can grow the best. Both were very different conversations and different outcomes but I was so happy to have helped them find concrete next steps to focus on that aligned with their current situation. For me, being mentored and mentoring are important for anyone looking to Level Up. Make sure you pass it on. You may be surprised by how it turns out.
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Authority alone won’t get leaders very far
The Real Reason People Behave Badly And What To Do About It
Here’s how to cultivate a work environment that produces great ideas
Solving documentation for monoliths and monorepos at Spotify
Your calendrical fallacy is…
A friendly programming language from the future
Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar
Organisation & Processes
Flavours of Agile Flavours of Agile
I Know the Salaries of Thousands of Tech Employees
Building Product Teams: Examples from Amazon, Google, Apple, Basecamp and Fog Creek
The myth of software time estimations
Why the SPC will destroy SAFe
Interesting tweets
Anyone using a password generator might appreciate this tweet:
Bank: We need to verify your identity. What is your mother’s maiden name?
Me: Sure, no problem. It’s cjwod89h97G78F86F6758G79U8YVGGHIUYT458768^&^%##**.
Bank: Uh. Ok.
Me: Mom was really security conscious. :D
12:44 AM - 1 Oct 2019
An interesting thread about what to ask during a 1:1. Click through for more ideas.
Emily Stark
I started a mgmt practice that I really like: end every 1:1 by asking a specific question to solicit feedback from team. email question out in advance so people have time to think about it. much better convo starter than "do you have any feedback for me?" example q's threaded:
12:18 AM - 2 Oct 2019
Anyone working in tech will appreciate how legacy matters. This tweet thread takes it from a very fascinating alternative context -> 🚆🚆🚆
Bill Holohan
A history lesson for people who think that history doesn't matter:
What's the big deal about railroad tracks?
The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number.
Why was that gauge used?
Well, because that's the way
7:10 PM - 27 Sep 2019
So simple, but so true
Matt Turner
Bad places to put business logic:
'90s: Stored Procedures
'00s: ESB
'10s: API Gateways
1:56 PM - 2 Oct 2019
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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