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Level Up - Issue #105


Level Up

August 15 · Issue #105 · View online

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Leaders manage state transitions
In my coaching sessions with leaders, I often return to the idea that leaders are responsible for managing state transitions. Some of these transitions might be personal such as trying to break free of a chaotic schedule full of emergencies and reactive behaviour, to a schedule with enough thinking time to plan ahead and take more intentional actions. Other transitions might be team-related, such as inheriting a distrusting, low-performing team and working with the team to turn it into a high trust, high-performing one. Others yet might be structural, such as making an implicit process explicit or streamlining an existing process.
It’s essential that leaders are aware of their current state and decide if they have an opportunity to improve it with a state transition. Unfortunately too many leaders I know see their role as enforcing the current state (i.e. rules, processes, and structures) instead of working to improve the system for all.
Your challenge for this week is to be more deliberate about observing your current state. Do you see opportunities to improve it? What can you do today to take one step towards an improved state?
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Be more intentional with your state transitions
Be more intentional with your state transitions
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Tweets of the Week
A great set of links to a number of companies offer 4-day work weeks (4DWW). Click the tweet to find the link
Amy Chantasirivisal
@shelbyspees There's a large-ish list of companies doing 4DWW here (maintained by my former employer):

The extra day was critical decompressing time for me, especially since I have a toddler that demands my attention every waking minute of the weekends.
Jez has a great thread rant on dealing with COTS. Click it to read more
Jez Humble
Everyone sensible in IT has been saying for years that if you buy COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software packages) you shouldn’t customize it - it’s wildly expensive and you end up with something hard to maintain and almost impossible to upgrade.
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