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Level Up - Issue #110


Level Up

September 19 · Issue #110 · View online

Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

Treat interviews as a two-way process
In speaking with different technical leaders this week, everyone is talking about how hiring is so difficult at the moment. At the same time, I hear a lot about the so-called “Great Resignation” on LinkedIn, so it seems like there are many people either looking or considering looking. From my perspective, I don’t think it’s changed a lot. It’s been hard to hire people in tech over the last 5-10 years, especially when it comes to the more experienced people.
Newer managers often focus on the recruiting process. Should we do a coding test? What do you think about whiteboard exercises? How many interviews are too many interviews? Although I’m a big fan of thinking about processes, particularly if you’re scaling up recruiting, I’ve found it always helps to remember, as much you’re interviewing candidates, they are also interviewing you.
Too many candidates experience bad interviews, despite a good process because of interviewers’ underdeveloped interviewing skills. Interviewers grill candidates for information they know, failing to explore what facts, experience, and other strengths a candidate may offer. For many candidates, these sorts of interviews feel like an interrogation. The interviewing experience also reflects on an environment they won’t willingly join, particularly if they have other options.
Recognise that most people have underdeveloped interviewing skills. Someone may be a great technical contributor, but their technical skills don’t automatically translate into great interviewing skills. So support them. Provide interviewing training and provide feedback. Most importantly, remind them how they run interviews reflects on them, their team and their company. Emphasise that candidates are evaluating them just as much as they are considering a candidate.
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Treat interviews as a two-way process
Treat interviews as a two-way process
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Tweets of the Week
👇 And probably still using Vi or Emacs 🤣
It's 2050.

- AWS has now 1.500.000 services
- Google discontinued ALL its services
- Kubernetes is version 1.3120
- Coincidentally, also go is version 1.3120
- Linux is written in Rust and it's called Windows
- The average container is 5.4TB
- I still write Bash for living
A great thread worth opening 👇
Shahid Kamal Ahmad
1982: I wrote Alien Attack, my first game, on an Atari 400, in BASIC. It had a custom character set for the alien (one at a time) and your spaceship. I advertised it in the Popular Computing Weekly classifieds for £5, for a week. Not much of a campaign. I sold zero copies.
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