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Level Up - Issue #129


Level Up

January 30 · Issue #129 · View online

Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

Different strokes for different folks
Some of you might have caught or even been part of, the discussion on Calendly this week (Disclosure: I’m a user but not investor). If you’re not familiar with Calendly, it offers the ability for others to automatically book a slot from free time in your calendar (or from times of your choosing). Services like this were built so you don’t need to make your calendar public and prevent the email shuffle like “When are you available?”, “I can’t do that time, what about this one?”, “No, how about this one?”, “Sorry, I already have something there. How’s next week looking?”
A person on Twitter started a small Twitter storm with:
“When someone sends you a Calendly link, …, they are telling you that you are less important than them…” (Read the full tweet here).
Like all discussions on social media today, responses ranged from agreement, it’s no big deal, here’s my alternative, you are just theorising, and of course, disagreement. This thread reminded me of why communication is so difficult, and how you need to adapt your communication for your audience. Everyone has different expectations, styles and attach meaning to different elements of what and how you communicate. From the original tweet, I got the sense that the process of making the appointment is more important to that person than the time saved. For other respondants, it’s about politeness by saving the other person’s time and energy (where other’s see that same politeness as rude).
Although there’s no guarantee you will get communication perfect as a leader, it helps to consider your message through different perspectives and adjust it accordingly. Here are some examples that took this into account, and offer a more inclusive approach.
Your challenge for this week is to be more deliberate with how you communicate. Before you send that chat message or email, practice viewing it through other perspectives and try to make it more inclusive.
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Communcation is hard to get right, which is why leaders are careful about how they communicate
Communcation is hard to get right, which is why leaders are careful about how they communicate
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Tweets of the Week
Do you know what impact you might have by following your staff on twitter? 😅
there are few things more terrifying on this earth than finding out that your manager follows you on twitter
An interesting twitter thread on the alternatives to a RACI matrix for clarifying roles and responsibillities 👇 Click the tweet to expand it
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