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Level Up - Issue #132



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Level Up

February 20 · Issue #132 · View online

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Leadership Hygiene: Free time
One of the first things I explore with some of my clients is how much free time they have in their schedule. First-time leaders are used to working through a lot of tasks. Not having a specific “task” with a concrete outcome feels unproductive. I know a lot of people, including my past self, feel some sense of guilt with lots of free time. It might sound like, “I should be in meetings,” or “I should be seen to be doing something.”
I often describe having enough free time as leadership hygiene. You need to have enough free time to lead well. Of course, *too much* free time might also be an issue, but I find that is rarely an issue.
Leaders need free time to navigate the flood of information and to prioritise (decide what not to do, or do later). Leaders need free time to identify key decisions to be made, how to make each decision and to make progress on each. Leaders need free time to find ways to break “big problems” into clearer, smaller, manageable problems and to involve the right people to solve them well.
Without enough free time, ineffective leaders fall into a constant, reactive trap and can’t have the best impact they can have.
Your challenge this week is to reflect on last week and if you had enough free time. If you feel you didn’t have enough free time, reserve at least 30-60mins more this week. Use this time to see if you’re working on the most important things.
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You need free time to think to be an effective leader
You need free time to think to be an effective leader
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Tweets of the Week
A great thread from former CTO/VPE Shopify/Atlassian about scaling tech companies 👇
Jean-Michel Lemieux
Another common question I’m answering working with scaling tech companies is…

Q. What’s the worst leadership advice you’ve heard?

A. By far the worst is “Hire great people and get out of their way”.

Let me explain… 🧵 (1/32) https://t.co/5X9U9uLCre
Emily has shared yet another fantastic project of hers to help you think about team organisation 🎊.
Emily Webber
I am pleased to announce the Team Onion’s new website home is now live at https://t.co/nQW8ZR0Udj ⭐️ https://t.co/qgt7YkIqju
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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