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Level Up - Issue #134


Level Up

March 6 · Issue #134 · View online

Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

Announcing “Engineering Manager Essentials: A Strong Foundation for effective EMs”
I’m excited to share an announcement with you all today. I’ve had many organisations request training specifically for Engineering Managers. My existing Shortcut to Tech Leadership course is aimed at technical leaders who may or may not be managers. Some organisations think engineering management is only about people management, but while people management plays an important part for engineering managers it’s not all that they need to know.
This is what the new course, Engineering Manager Essentials, is intended to solve. This is an online 4-hour course where I’ll be guiding participants through the expectations of an Engineering Manager using lecture, discussion, and activities.
If you are on the IC track (e.g. Staff Engineer, Tech Lead) or a Senior Engineer exploring the management track, you’ll come away with understanding what might be expected of you in the EM role. Even if you’re not an official EM you’ll come away with some practical tips and tricks you can still use.
If you’re just starting out as an EM (less than two years), then this is the overview you probably never had when you transitioned into your role. Engineering Manager Essentials will give you a good map of what you are already doing well and areas you can focus on to improve.
If you are a Director, VP Engineering or CTO, you probably don’t have time to build training material for your EMs, so this course is designed to level up your EMs for you. I’m running one publicly available workshop in April and there are 25% off tickets (first come, first serve) until March 14. I hope to see you, or one of your team members join one of the workshops.
Enjoy this week’s newsletter, please pass it on to a friend or colleague who might benefit.

Join a workshop in April and save 25% for launch of this course until Mar 14! (Click the banner to find out more)
Join a workshop in April and save 25% for launch of this course until Mar 14! (Click the banner to find out more)
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This email should have been a document
Tweets of the Week
Some of you might remember watching this show, so this made me 🤣 👇
If you’re interested in how the structures of the Internet run given the heated events unfolding right now, check out this thread. This bonus article is also worth understanding the implications.
Brian Fung
Some highlights from ICANN's rejection of Ukraine's request for Russia to be severed from the internet:
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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