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By Patrick Kua

Level Up - Issue #171



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Level Up

November 20 · Issue #171 · View online

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Every person loves to gossip. It’s human nature. After all, gossip is how people connect with others by sharing information or gossiping over a common topic. Most individual contributors gossip without hesitating, but if you have a leadership role, you should reconsider. Although gossiping is unavoidable there is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy gossiping.
Don’t judge while gossiping. You’ll see this all splattered over twitter right now. “Did you hear that Jesse just asked everyone to overtime every weekend for a good part of six months, or be prepared to be fired? What a jerk.” As a leader, remember that your words have sway and when you judge, you’ll influence others in ways you don’t anticipate. Don’t forget that others will also likely judge you, especially if they don’t share your point of view.
When you gossip, gossip to learn. I don’t encourage you to prioritise gossiping over other fact-finding conversations, but if you do gossip, use it to learn more about the broader organisation or how people perceive things differently. In these contexts, use the opportunity to clarify. “Did you hear that Kennedy thinks there’s going to be another reorg?” A good response might be, “Oh, where did Kennedy hear that?” or “What have you heard about the reorg?
Your challenge this week is to consider what gossip you’ve been a part of or observed. Did you (or others) fall into judging others, or did people use it to learn more about the broader organisation?
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Gossip is unavoidable but there are healthy and unhealthy approaches to gossip
Gossip is unavoidable but there are healthy and unhealthy approaches to gossip
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Tweets of the Week
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Are teams in your org increasing the combinatorial complexity of your architecture in operation by handcrafting Shadow Platforms to avoid using your “official” platform?
This! 👇
Deva Hazarika
@jasoncwarner A lot of unnecessary tech is built at companies that don’t need it simply because lots of good engineers want to work with cool new tech and a lot of product/business people don’t have enough tech knowledge to understand what makes sense
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