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Level Up - Issue #35

A number of my conversations this week revolved around how you're personally coping with the crisis.

Level Up

April 12 · Issue #35 · View online
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A number of my conversations this week revolved around how you’re personally coping with the crisis. We all react very differently to change - a good model to read about this is the BICEPS 💪 model from Paloma Medina. It may also help you better empathise with how your team is likely to react differently from you.
One thing is certain. All of our schedules are very different (affecting the Predictability core need from BICEPS). Although we may not be able to do anything about change in circumstances, it’s also a good opportunity to consider establishing new habits. A forced new routine is the perfect opportunity.
For me, I’m trying to start my days with some quiet time with a freshly brewed cup of loose tea (instead of coffee) and (try to) continue doing some sport/stretching shortly after. This is my go-to article I recommend for those looking to establish new habits.
On a different note, I have something exciting to share with you all soon… 😊
I hope you enjoy this week’s content. If you find it useful, please forward to someone else and send me feedback. Stay safe and healthy 🙏

Watch 👀 this space!
Watch 👀 this space!
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Interesting tweets
But what about 🐧?!?
Mike Krieger
got Zoom working on the Peloton aka Peak 2020
Click through to read this 🧵 to and learn a bit more about some of the challenges of Ed-Tech in this COVID-19 world and its relationship to Zoom.
Nathan McNulty
Re: NYC blocking Zoom

I like Matthew a lot, but I don't feel this is a "dumb overreaction."

As a security admin overseeing 40K+ students and participating in communities serving over 1.5M students, I would love to shed some light on the difficulties Zoom has created for us.
And to end on a lighter note 😂
“Let’s just get this one feature in before launch”
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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