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Level Up - Issue #47

I've seen significant announcements in tech this week that I think are worth highlighting this week.

Level Up

July 5 · Issue #47 · View online
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I’ve seen significant announcements in tech this week that I think are worth highlighting this week. One of those is MIT apologising for offering a hugely biased dataset used to train ML algorithms. The other is the ACM calling for an “immediate suspension of the current and future private and governmental use” of Facial Recognition technologies, for “both technical and ethical reasons.” See their press release here and the letter (PDF) here.
These are continuous reminders that naively applying technology multiplies human biases. You have a responsibility as a leader to be aware and take action to counter this, particularly if you genuinely care about building high performing tech organisations. As a reminder, it wasn’t so long ago that Amazon scrapped as biased AI recruiting tool and how Microsoft’s “Tay” AI bot went wrong. Instead of using technology to multiply biases, apply technology to automatically highlight biases such as this tool for job ads or Slack bots which encourage inclusive language.
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How are you using technology to improve your organisation?
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This reading list on Matt Hancock’s NHSX contact-tracing app fiasco will surely scandalise you!
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The coming SMOKEstack: rethinking and retooling “multi-cloud”
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Interesting tweets
Many people, including leaders like yourself, encounter imposter syndrome at some time. I like tweet as a reminder it happens to everyone!
Justin Kan
In the latest @tferriss podcast, Hugh Jackman told Tim he was nervous to go on his show. He said he has a habitual thought pattern telling him “You’re not *that* good.”

If even Wolverine has self doubt, you can be ok with your own.
One for the history books 😂
Pete Hodgson
The traditional gesture of glancing down and to the right when saying goodbye is believed to originate from the location of the "Leave Meeting" button in a "software" called "Zoom", used during Earth's Pandemic Era. This pre-holographic technology allowed peopl
This one made me laugh as well! 😂
Brian Bosché
Product managers helping their engineering team deliver features
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