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Level Up - Issue #51


Level Up

August 2 · Issue #51 · View online
Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

The last issue of Level Up (#50) was a recap edition and from your comments and feedback, many of you appreciated it. If you have any requests or ideas for future editions, let me know via email.
This week was mostly a holiday 🏖 week for me and I tried to avoid work related matters. Taking regular breaks, particularly extended ones are important for recharging your batteries. I also find it’s useful for connecting and generating new ideas. Even in times where you can’t travel, I know more people experimenting with “Staycations” (P.S. I love this word and there’s even a wikipedia page for it).
Breaks are important for everyone but given that leadership roles are multiplying roles, it’s even more essential you take holidays. It’s also a great test of leadership. For me, if a leader steps away for a week and everything grinds to a halt, it’s a strong leadership smell and often a red flag. Leaders shouldn’t be a single point of failure (SPOV) and should be building a team and managing a system to ensure it can continue without anyone, even the nominated leader.
I hope you enjoy this week’s content. If you find it useful, please forward to someone else and send me feedback. Stay safe and healthy 🙏
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7 Tips to Optimize Remote Dev Team Productivity
The Importance of Building a Diverse, Well-Rounded Software Engineering Team
This is perjury: A summary of the big tech hearings
Synchronous vs. asynchronous communications: The differences
AI Myths
Comcast credits AI software for handling the pandemic internet traffic crush
TikTok is opening up its algorithm and challenging competitors to do the same
The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2020 by JetBrains
Organisation & Processes
Engineering Productivity: Measure What Matters
A Mid-Year Check-In: 2020 HR Industry Trends and Insights
Siemens rolls out ‘mobile working’ plan for more than 140,000 employees
Is Agile is obvious?
Interesting tweets
This is such a great twitter 🧵 on learning. This will be particularly fascinating for those of you with children.
Nitya Narasimhan
It's never too late to learn something and never too eat to share knowledge with others.

My 11yo is getting more into Python so I decided to do (separately) the same intro Udacity course and be a study buddy.

And something interesting happened.

A thread.

Very much agree with this
Grady Booch
Software architecture is all about decisions. Models are largely just the scaffolding we use to visualize, reason about, and document those decisions. Code is the medium whereby we make those decisions manifest.

Every enduring system has all three of these, in varying quantity.
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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