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Level Up - Issue #56


Level Up

September 6 · Issue #56 · View online

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Having hard conversations
This week I was speaking with leader unsure about how to provide some difficult feedback to someone. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. Typically you’re worried about how they are going to react and consequences with the conversation. The dynamics of the conversation certainly depend on a number of things:
  1. Differences in power dynamics - If you are their manager or the other person is your manager;
  2. Impact on working relationships - What will this do in the future interactions?
  3. State of the current relationship - Is there even a relationship to begin with? Is it good or bad? Has there been bad blood in the past
Here are five tips that have certainly helped me:
  1. Establish safety - Give people and heads up that allows them to control the environment of the conversation (e.g. location, time)
  2. Follow the feedback formula (Situation, Behaviour, Impact) - Avoid jumping to suggestions, or conclusions first
  3. Focus on them - A lot of poor feedback takes only into account the benefits of the person giving it, not of the person receiving it. Ensure your feedback will help them be more effective
  4. Focus on the long-term - Prioritise the points that contribute to a better working relationships or success for both parties. The Crucial Conversations book has a great framework to communicate your needs
  5. Focus on what you control - You control what you communicate, what words you use and how you choose to react. Remind yourself you cannot control how someone reacts.
  6. (Bonus Tip) Earlier is better - When you avoid conversations you should be having, you often end up making them worse. It takes courage to give effective feedback and doing so early before a situation escalates is always better. Remind yourself to be direct and empathic (ala Radical Candor)
I hope you enjoy this week’s content. If you find it useful, please forward to someone else and send me feedback. Stay safe and healthy 🙏
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Have those harder conversations earlier than later.
Have those harder conversations earlier than later.
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Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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