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Level Up - Issue #62


Level Up

October 18 · Issue #62 · View online

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Focus on the opportunities, not the pain
Events like COVID-19 force change upon us, whether or not we want it or not. All types of change bring with it advantages and disadvantages. Forced working from home may bring more focused time but at the cost of increased loneliness. We can use this situation to understand how to navigate a world of constant change, particularly change you cannot control.
Team members may find it healthy to complain about change. Complaining often feels cathartic as people feel listened to. After some time though, complaining about pain endlessly results in a demotivating downward spiral. As a leader, first acknowledge the change, recognise its impact (both positive and negative) but then focus on the opportunities. Help your team reconnect with improvements or benefits they may not see, or they may need help taking advantage of.
One advantage I have personally experienced in these COVID-19 times is engaging more regularly with remote communities. Although I had a handful of opportunities prior to COVID-19, with almost all communities around the world meeting online, the location of a guest matters less. The last few weeks I’ve connected with people in SE Asia, in particular Singapore. You can find me speaking with Henry Suryawirawan (@henry_ken) based in Singapore on the Tech Lead Journal podcast. Another recent event was hosted by Agile Singapore where I shared another version of “The Evolution of Engineering Excellence.” Thanks to Stanly Lau (@stanlylau) for organising this.
I hope you enjoy this week’s content. If you find it useful, please forward to someone else and send me feedback. Stay safe and healthy 🙏
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Change brings advantages and disadvantanges. Focus on the opportunities.
Change brings advantages and disadvantanges. Focus on the opportunities.
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Anyone Can Be a Leader
What is expected of a Engineering Manager?
The start-up CTO. The one about — ‘why you need a CTO’
How to prepare for the coming CPU confusion
A Guide to GitHub for Non-Developers
Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record
Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) from a Real Company
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Level up your technical leadership skills with this remote workshop. Click the banner!
Organisation & Processes
How to debug remote work, as suggested by new research
Dropbox goes Virtual First
Because the cost of code review when pair/mob programming is almost zero
No, you don’t have to run like Google
Interesting tweets
Becky Yoose
Hot take - Data is not the new oil. Data is the new glitter:

- Lures humans in with its shininess
- Very easy to accumulate
- Found in places you least likely expect to find it
- Almost impossible to get rid of
- Everyone insists on using it w/o thinking through the consequences
This is an amazing thread (🧵) if you can influence your benefits package at your current place. If not, it’s an interesting thought experiment.
Kyle Turman
Was thinking about what the ideal benefits I would provide to employees if I ever started a company. What would you add?
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