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Level Up - Issue #66

Seeing vs Observing Imagine that you live in an apartment several floors up, only accessible by stair

Level Up

November 15 · Issue #66 · View online
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Seeing vs Observing
Imagine that you live in an apartment several floors up, only accessible by stairs. Every day, you walk up and down those stairs, touching every step. You know that there are many steps. After all, you see them every day. By how many steps are there to your apartment? You’ve probably never noticed. Knowing how many steps is the difference between seeing and observing.
In order to improve systems, processes or organisations it’s not enough to see. It is essential for leaders to observe. Unfortunately most leaders are too busy doing and reacting, they don’t have the time to observe and notice important detail. Great leaders aren’t always busy doing or talking. Great leaders take time out to observe and to listen. They take time to seek connections between events or data that may not be immediately obvious before they act.
Try something different this week and find an opportunity to practice observing. Focus on something you don’t normally focus on. What did you observe that you didn’t notice before? What that might indicate?
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Try observing something you don't normally focus on this week
Try observing something you don't normally focus on this week
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Interesting tweets
An excellent Twitter thread showing how you can communicate effectively using every day situations. Click on the image to expand the thread 🧵.
Marc Brooker
A quick thread on availability and organizational culture. Let's say I build a system. It's a house, and needs the house itself, a wood pile (for heat), field of corn (for food), well (for water), and septic tank all working to be considered "available". 1/
Wise words from industry luminary Jez Humble.
Jez Humble
It’s weird that when people correctly reject “move fast and break things” nobody considers “move fast and build high quality, resilient systems” since that’s what the evidence says high performers actually do. Moving slowly definitely isn’t the answer because of what Yvonne says.
Indeed 😳
Charles Miller
Hadn’t thought of it this way before: the amount of time a company could spend overall in meetings is no longer capped by the availability of space for those meetings.
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