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Level Up - Issue #77


Level Up

January 31 · Issue #77 · View online

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Shaping Team Culture
I had a fun discussion with an engineering leader this week around defining team (and organisational) culture, but how you influence it. We talked about stated culture, like company “value” statements but more importantly, the behaviours and actions that demonstrate real culture. Systems thinking talks about emergent properties and that’s how I see culture. It’s not a property you can directly control, but influence and sense as you nudge and shape the organisation and team over time.
In our discussion, we talked about how policies and rules shape behaviour, therefore have a strong impact on culture. One of my favourite quotes from Goldratt feels relevant: “Tell me how you measure me, and I’ll tell you how I behave.” This means that managers, who establish, evolve and remove(!) policies and rules, strongly influence culture. Since individuals have agency, policies and rules aren’t enough. To influence behaviours, and thus culture, you also need to think about feedback and accountability. As I often say, culture is what you allow as much as what you do, or say you want. If you ignore or tolerate behaviour, this is a form of permission, and thus an accepted part of your culture.
What do you do deliberately to shape culture? What do you allow (or ignore/tolerate) that shapes culture in a positive or negative way?
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What do you do (or allow) that shapes team culture?
What do you do (or allow) that shapes team culture?
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