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Level Up - Issue #79


Level Up

February 14 · Issue #79 · View online

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Good leaders manage uncertainty
One of the biggest struggles I see with technical folk stepping into leadership is dealing with certainty, or rather, the lack of it. I hear questions like, “What’s the right way to deal with technical debt?”, “How do I convince my product manager to invest in test automation?” or “How do I know that this hire will work out?” I can’t offer any Silver Bullets, although I can suggest options.
One of the reasons I teach leaders systems thinking, is because context matters, and your specific context should guide what you try. “It depends,” is the famous consultant answer but the hard part is determining what *your environment* looks like and what action might have the biggest impact. Taking action with no guarantees takes a leap of faith, something a lot of technical folk struggle with.
The good news is that the practices software teams use can help leaders navigate uncertainty. Take small steps (iterations) and reflect on progress (retrospectives). If your actions have a positive impact, see what you can do to amplify them, otherwise reverse or stop them. It also helps to have more than one option, so if an action proves ineffective try another.
What’s your advice for coping with uncertainty? Feel free to let me know.
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Leaders need to face uncertainty head-on
Leaders need to face uncertainty head-on
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Interesting tweets
Great use of VR 🤯. We definitely need some fun and positive applications of tech these days.
Lucas Rizzotto ✈️ 🇲🇽
I recorded my life with camera glasses for an entire year and made a VR app that lets me explore my past in a beautiful memory palace. ✨

Each sphere is a 10 second memory. Touch it and it opens a memory portal you can use to peek across time!
Click through to see this amazing twitter thread where you can build a computer within games 🎉
Alan Zucconi
This is a list of TEN (plus one) games that are "accidentally" TURING COMPLETE. 🖥️

In a nutshell, when a game is Turing Complete you can use it to build a WORKING COMPUTER. 🤯

If you are a parent: please don't underestimate games as a creative medium.

Let's start with...

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