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Level Up - Issue #80


Level Up

February 21 · Issue #80 · View online

Level Up delivers a curated newsletter for leaders in tech. A project by Ideal for busy people such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and more.

The Loneliness of Leadership
When a team member takes on a leadership or management role, the relationships with their peers also change. As a leader, this person is involved in many other conversations, sometimes private and confidential, which means they can no longer share everything with the team. If their new role involves line management responsibility, the power imbalance creates an even bigger invisible divide, whether or not the new leader realises it. These two differences, and more, foster a feeling of loneliness for leaders.
A lot of inexperienced leaders ignore this loneliness to their own detriment. Although you may not be able to talk with your team about certain issues, do not simply “suck it up.” I’ve seen too many times when the stress of loneliness builds up and explodes in unwanted ways, including in personal relationships and lives.
Grow a support structure around you to rant, to discuss issues and to have trusted people offer you direct and honest opinions. Often, leaders use a variety of support structures including a therapist, a coach, a mentor, a trusted colleague (typically in a different team or company) or an community group. Pro-tip: Avoid using your partner as the only support structure.
Although you may feel alone, you will not be if you pro-actively build a support structure around you 🎉.
Enjoy this week’s edition. If you find Level Up useful, please forward to someone you think would benefit. Stay safe and healthy 🙏
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Leadership doesn't have to be a lonely path
Leadership doesn't have to be a lonely path
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An online workshop to level up your tech leadership skills. Next dates Mar 17, Apr 21. Click the banner to register now.
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Interesting tweets
It would have been difficult to not hear about the 🚀 Perserverance 🤖 landing on Mars this week. A great reminder about high-performing teams.
"NASA works. When we put our arms together and our hands together and our brains together, we can succeed. This is what NASA does."

@NASAJPL chief engineer and landing veteran Rob Manning celebrates #NASAPersevere's successful #CountdownToMars:
Like always, Corey Quinn and the Duckbill Group provides light-hearted (but hauntingly true) when it comes to cloud computing. 🤣 Click the tweet to watch the video.
Corey Quinn
Me: "I run @awscloud marketing. Sign this invoice."
AWS: "Wait what--"
Me: "'Disagree and Commit' on your own time. Sign here. Let's see... what's an AWS differentiator that most people miss? Global infrastructure; it's amazing. BILLIE! HIT IT!"
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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