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By Patrick Kua

Level Up - Issue #90



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Level Up

May 2 · Issue #90 · View online

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Learning from others
There’s something human about easily calling out others’ mistakes, but often harder to see your own. Call it ego, bias, system 1 thinking, but we all have it (me included). One fun exercise I like to do to facilitate leadership learning is asking people to share experiences where they felt suffering under other leaders. Sometimes it’s hard to stop these discussions! More importantly, we can learn from these experiences.
While it looks easy from the outside to call a situation a mistake, you never know the full picture of what led them there. In these moments, it’s worth asking yourself, “What would you do differently?” My tech twitter feed was full of the news on Basecamp this week. Here are some links if you want to understand what happened:
Set aside your opinion on the decision for a moment. There’s a great leadership learning opportunity in both communicating and handling responses. I can only see the external responses here and can only guess at the internal communication.
Try answering these questions: What would *you* do differently in this situation? What can you do *this week* to put that into action?
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Organisation & Processes
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Mind the platform execution gap
3 lessons learned from a decade in startups
Tweets of the Week
Savannah Ostrowski
Only at @microsoft is it possible to have the designers and authors of Python, TypeScript and C# in the same meeting. Also, I'm in this meeting. 🤯
🤣 observation. Click the tweet to see some helpful responses. Some I’ve definitely used before 👇
Whenever I try to schedule a meeting with a manager, looking at their calendar to find a free slot is like staring into the sun.

Introvert managers: how do you not collapse from exhaustion every day?
A thread worth expanding if you were interested in some potential lessons learned from the topic I covered in the intro 👇
Adam Jacob
if you’re a leader, and you aren’t analyzing how you would act, and why, in the situation at basecamp, you’re missing a golden opportunity. Every step offers a gold mine of introspection.
Thanks for making it this far! 🤗
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