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Using Role-Playing Games (RPGs) to explain leadership growth
Most RPGs allow you to build a unique character by overcoming challenges and receiving character points to allocate to specific traits. In an RPG, you might build a fearsome berserker by allocating all of your points to offence. But by allocating all points to offence, you hope you can defeat enemies quickly because of a weak defence. Alternatively, you might build an impressive tank by allocating all of your points to defence, leaving your character with slow movement and offence.
In the real world, most first-time technical leaders allocated all of their points to technical expertise. This makes them very knowledgeable, but with poorly developed leadership and people management skills. If you put people into a role when they suddenly need strong leadership and people management skills they haven’t developed, you are setting them up for failure. It’s like dropping your best healer into an army of orcs 👾.
New technical leaders need to recognise they need to allocate their learning efforts (or character points) differently. They will also need time and opportunity to gain more experience. People can build the skills, but don’t expect them to operate at the same level as their technical skills. Instead of doubling down on technical expertise, they will need to invest more in leadership and people management skills.
In an RPG, instead of building a warrior, you’re now building a paladin, a character class that offers better support skills to their team. In today’s world of Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs (MMORPGs), it pays to build a character that complements your team. Take some time out this week and reflect on what type of character are you building and how does that add to your team?
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Unique character development is part of the fun of RPGs
Unique character development is part of the fun of RPGs
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Tweets of the Week
This! 👇
Chad Fowler
Most of what good management consists of can be boiled down to this simple idea: a manager's job is to create a context in which each team member is inspired and empowered to do their best work. It's shocking out far from reach this is for many managers.
Indeed. I find a lot of leading remote teams well means you need especially strong leadership skills.
Molly Struve 🦄
Been listening to lots of panels on working remote. You want to know what the common theme is? IT IS HARD! Sure, no commute is nice, but it's still hard and you have to work at it to be successful
A fun twitter thread (click the tweet) to have a bit of a laugh 😂
Joel Califa
new proposals for engineering levels

Common Engineer
Uncommon Engineer
Rare Engineer
Epic Engineer
Legendary Engineer

you can exchange two common engineers for an uncommon but you lost some materials https://t.co/nfQL7ZHhiL
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